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Warm Congratulations to Click Technology Landed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange

        On December 22, Shenzhen Click Technology Co., Ltd. (stock abbreviation: Click) on China's capital market, listed on the Shenzhen stock exchange board success.
        Click this offering price of 7.58 yuan, online and offline to freeze funds amounted to 199.403 billion yuan. Among them, the online purchase frozen capital of 130.367 billion yuan, a success rate of 0.22% on the net, 449 times oversubscribed multiples. Investors actively purchase must Click industry leading technical level and high confidence in Click good future development.
        Click Technology is mainly engaged in electronic transformers and inductors and other magnetic components and power adapter, power battery chargers and custom power supply such as product development, manufacturering and sales, is a company in the field of power and magnetic components in fast growth and high growth of high-tech enterprises. As the leader in electronic components industry, Click always adhere to the "excellence, innovation, honesty, sharing" core values, people-oriented, to keep a certain new forces, the sustainable development of science and technology innovation for the company to provide a steady stream of power. "Go all out, never slack," the spirit of constantly encourage Click introduce and absorb advanced technology and design concept, improve the technique and technology companies, has formed the industry's leading edge.

    A professional Click be made from its focus of product. Company attaches great importance to the power supply, magnetic components research and development, and constantly increase investment in research and development, the company has set up a magnetic components research and development center and power research and development center, established a research and development team, more than 100 people to strengthen technological innovation, increase the company technical advantage.
        In terms of magnetic components, companies rely on years of experience in research and development of magnetic components, fast for customers to solve various problems arising from the application, help customers to shorten the development cycle. In the reporting period, the company successfully developed about 3000 products, marketed proportion about 50%, through a large number of new products constantly go into mass production, profit for the company to achieve provides a strong guarantee.
        In the aspect of power supply products, the company equipped with relatively complete research and development, and test equipment, set up EMC laboratory, EMS laboratories, environment is experience and safety testing laboratory can quickly and effectively solve the required test for new product development and validation, raise the efficiency of product development.

     Is expected in the next two or three years, the company will further expand the scale of power supply, magnetic components research and development center, and magnetic materials plant cooperation development, to build leading technology advantage. Companies have seven years in a row in China electronics industry association released by the China enterprise of electronic components, electronic transformer manufacturing comprehensive strength in the domestic leading position.
        Today, Click Technology officially land China capital market, not only as a member of a capital market added fresh troops, and it is also the company rapidly growing capital strength, further enhance the company's competitive advantage and the comprehensive strength of the good opportunity. In the future, Click will towards a broader market, for the continuous pursuit of science and technology innovation, product with high quality one-stop service, the developing of magnetic components industry, can be made to become the world first-class equipment electronic components manufacturer just around the corner.

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