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Phoenix Mountain Forest Park Expand Training on November 15th

To strengthen communication, cooperation and upand-coming capability. the financial center, IT, customs declaration department take company shuttle to Phoenix Mountain Forest Park on November 15th afternoon, for a half-day outdoor promotional activities.
       During expand training, everyone in the hr Ou QingHua team under the guidance of the teacher,, want to take your team slogan, everyone have division of labor and cooperation, ideas, to find a way to everyone.The development journey to enhance the cooperation with colleagues consciousness, cultivate team spirit by everyone, which made us feel the power of the collective in practice, the relationship between individual and collective, to recognize the role of individuals in the collective. In just half a day's time, all the members together, work together, the full completed "morale display", "the blind phalanx", "concentric drums", "solution bracelet" and a series of outreach programs."Of the blind phalanx" challenging, "concentric drums" also tests the team cooperation spirit. Although the sun overhead, you still laughing, and looking into each activity. Eventually expand the activities of the championship won by "fly line", after the finance director Wu always publish for award and the champion group activities.
        Training is short, but gave us the enlightenment is eternal, this activity deepened the mutual understanding, trust and communication. Anyone who attend to expand in the physical, psychological and realized the breakthrough, believe that in the future work we will continue to create new achievements, create new brilliance can be made.
        Activity photos and videos already shared in the computer PC - 282, welcome everyone to watch!

Picture-1:The Blind Phalanx

Picture-2: Unlock Hand Catenary

Picture-3: Concentric Drums

Picture-4: Souvenir Photo

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